From 6 Years


Why do we take children from 6 years old onwards ? 

  • Early childhood (3-5 years )

He develops a sensorimotor intelligence ( the child refers to what he feels, sees...). He does not practice a sport, but he discovers a new game ! It is an adapted and secure space allowing children to evolve in reassuring and evolving environment. In general, kindergartens are laid out on wide on slopes with easy terrain movements or different educational accessorie are used.

Sorry we don't have a kindergarten so far.

  • Middle childhood (6-8 years old)

The child has a great need for activity, his gestural behavior is fiery and discontinuous. He gets tired quickly, shows curiosity and a good sense of observation, a small lack of coordination. He is able to maintain his attention only in a limited time! but nothing serious, doctor.

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