Why do we take children from 6 years old on ski?

Early childhood (3-5 years)

The child has reduced attention skills and a strong need for affection. He develops a sensorimotor intelligence (the child refers to what he feels, sees, hears ...).
 He does not practice a sport, but he discovers a new game! It is an adapted and secure space allowing children to evolve in a reassuring and evolving environment.
In general, kindergartens are built on tracks wide with easy ground motions where one uses different educational accessories.

# We do not have a chidren's gardenat at the days.

Middle childhood (6-8 years old)

The child has a great need for activity, his gestural behavior is fiery and batchwise. He gets tired quickly, shows curiosity and a
good sense of observation, a small lack of coordination. He is able to maintain his attention only in a limited time!

#but nothing serious, doctor.


 Team Révolution Glisse