Why do we take children from 9 years old to snowboard?

(6-8 years old) The child

  Has a great need for activity, his gestural behavior is fiery and
batchwise. He gets tired quickly, shows curiosity and a
good sense of observation, but it also reveals bone fragility,
a small lack of coordination. He is able to maintain his
attention only in a limited time! In snowboarding the position of
  base is very physical and a loosening of this position and this is the
  fall assured. Sudden falls to the front and rear that cause
  lesions .. So we prefer to wait until 9 years to start
this activity to preserve these little riders. But nothing serious

Golden Age: (9-12 years)

The child goes on to objective thinking, it shows a logical, critical,
need to know and to learn. Improved coordination,
tonicity, balance, flexibility.

Of course you can start at 3 years but under your responsibility.
This is the experience we can give you, but that's just us!

 Révolution Glisse.